Gait Analysis

We understand that many overuse pain syndromes are a result of faulty movement patterns. The goal of Gait Analysis is to identify these patterns and provide a means to correct dysfunction.

Ou Gait Analysis incorporates 2D video analysis and pressure mapping of your feet to objectively analyze your walking and running strategy.

Goals of the gait/running assessment

  • Identify and eliminate reoccurring pain syndromes attributable to faulty gait mechanics.
  • Obtain strengthening and flexibility exercises appropriate to your concerns.
  • Gain a better understanding of your natural movement tendencies for injury prevention.

What to expect

The assessment includes an orthopaedic and postural exam which will help to identify any muscle length, mobility or strength concerns. You will be provided with pressure mapping insoles the twill be placed into your shoe that will provide data to our computer. You will be asked to walk for a duration until enough data is attained. Should your concern relate to running you will also be asked to run. Please wear shorts and active wear that will allow a proper running assessment. The last portion of your assessment will involve a discussion of your results and exercise prescription.